• build a blog with google sheets

  • Real Time Charts

    Learn how to add dynamic charts to your blog posts with markdown

  • Use Google Sheets as the database for your web app

    Learn how to use Google Sheets as a database for your no code app

  • Import Website Data

    Learn how to use the IMPORTHTML function to import data from websites to Google Sheets. Display Gold and Silver spot prices in Google Sheets.

  • Turn your Spreadsheet into a SaaS business

    A guide to build a SaaS Business using Google Sheets and a no code Tool. Build a SaaS without coding and validate your MVP fast.

  • Build a Dashboard on Google Sheets

    A step to step guide on how to build a Browser Dashboard on top of data from Google Spreadsheets. Learn how to create, adjust and share your Google Sheets Dashboard with others.

  • Display survey results from Google Sheets in your Browser

    A beginner's guide on how to display your survey results in your web browser with the help of Google Sheets and Chartmat.

  • How to build an API for your Web App without any coding

    In this guide you will learn how to access data from your no code web app via an API. The data from your no code web app is synced to Google Spreadsheets and you will create an API from your Spreadsheet with the help of NoCodeAPI.

  • How to build a no code Web App on data from Google Sheets

    In this guide we explain how to build a no code web app with Chartmat and Google Sheets. We cover how to make your Google Spreadsheet accessible to users via a browser. We also explain how to collect user data and visualize the data through the web app.

  • How to build a Stock Market Template with Google Sheets

    A step by step guide on how to build a stock market and portfolio tracker with Google Spreadsheets. Additionally we explain how to display your stock market template in a web browser dashboard.

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