10 Best Google Sheet Templates for Small Businesses (2022)

In this article we have curated 10 best templates to for your small business.

We have gone through thousands of google sheets templates since Chartmat began its  journey in 2021. In this blog we have curated a list of free 10 best google sheets templates that could help you manage your business at zero additional cost.
These templates are designed to help small businesses create their own Google Sheets from scratch. Also you can use these templates to create internal apps within minutes via chartmat. At Chartmat we help you build power internal tools with google sheets as backend that will transform your business.
Now here is the list of small business templates :

1 Mini CRM template

This customer service plan template will help you organize your customer service strategy into an easy-to-read document. It includes sections for customers, contacts, potential opportunities , etc..Manage all your small business customers via this Mini free CRM template. You can download the template from hubspot for free.
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2 Small Business Sales Template

This hubspot template is one of the best sales templates out there. If you’re looking for a sales plan template, this one should do the trick. It includes new accounts ,  revenue details per region. You’ll find everything you need to manage your Sales dashboard. Just copy this template and start tracking your sales numbers.
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3 Project management template

Use this comprehensive project management template to standardize your project-by-project management process. This comprehensive sheet will help ensure that you can account for and track everything in your project. You’ll find space for managing multiple projects, each with sections for Project Details, Deliverables, and Cost/Hours.
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You can also find more project management templates within the same link and choose whatever fits your requirements.
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4 Business budget template

One of the benefits of using a budget template is that it can save you time. If you’re not familiar with creating a budget, simply fill out the pre-formatted templates with your income and expense information, and the template will do the calculations for you. This makes it easy to organize and analyze your financial data. Below we’re offering a wide selection of downloadable, free budget templates.
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5 Small business Invoice template by WAVE

This Google Sheets invoice template is fully customizable so it can be used to bill all your customers – no matter how complex the formulas need to be to calculate prices. Just add lines for all the details so customers completely understand what they are paying for.
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6 Product- Roadmap-template-Prod-Camp

This roadmap template is dynamic which includes a roadmap section as well.It uses a pivot table and advanced formulas to display items on a timeline, grouped by team, project, or any category of your choice.
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7 Simple Inventory template by Sheetgo

This is a very easy to use inventory template which anyone can use,just fill the data and start using this.
Can be used by small business owners to inventory levels and costs.Just make a copy of this template and start using it.
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8 Employee Shift Schedule

Simple and easy way to track your employees number of shift hours for week and calculate monthly wage accordingly . Any small business can start using this simple template to manage employee shift hours.
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9 Task list by Vertex

Managing a business requires that you track daily tasks to ensure you don’t lose focus. But sometimes, you’ll have some tasks on your list that are more important than others. You can easily arrange these tasks based on their importance and assign them to the owner for tracking. You can also share this sheet with others if you’re working as a team.
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10 Annual Calendar

Create a customized calendar for your startup in google sheets . You can use it to track events and deadlines for your business and the calendar automatically adjust for future years. Just click below link to Copy the calendar.
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