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Time Tracker

Use this template to track your working hours, freelance projects or anything else

Who is working from the office?

Use this template to track who in the company works from where. Ideal to avoid overcrowded spaces

Daily Budget

Use this template to track your expenses. Comparing different suppliers and vendors.

Paypal Shop

Use this template to create a small shop using paypal.me links. You can also switch to stripe links

Company Dashboard

Use this template to display important company metrics & information on a screen. Turn on full screen and ideally locate the monitor at a visible place for employees.

Split Group Expenses

Use this template to split expenses based on who paid for an item and who participated in the consumption. Review total balances at the end of your trip or event.

Weekly Lunch Menu

Use this template to update and share your restaurant menu. Combine share the link using a QR code and provide a contactless menu for your customers. Ideally with your logo and domain to maintain brand awareness.

Travel Reimbursements

Use this template to record travel expenses such as gas or restaurant bills. Attach images through the form and display the expense summary to the line manager.

Job Board

Use this template to create a small job board and receive CV files as PDF directly in a spreadsheet from which you can track job applications. Eventually you could expand it with application metrics.

Stock Market - Sample Portfolio

Use this template to track a portfolio. It's automatically updated using Google Finance data

Seo Metadata

Use this template to monitor how your website looks like on search engines. It automatically fetches new pages and shows relevant errors

CSV Import

This is an example of how you can easily build a dashboard from a CSV file. We use daily updated Covid-19 CSV reports.

Business Presence

Build a small website to show your opening hours, accept bookings and display your inventory


Build a simply directory with Chartmat using the grid block or using the markdown block.

Statistical Data - European Union

This Board shows you how you can display statistical data with Chartmat.

Employee Survey

Conduct an employee survey in your business and visualize the results. All within the comfort of Chartmat.

Landing Page

Build a small landing page powered by Google Sheets

e-commerce shop

Build a small store using Stripe payment links


Internal dashboard for a consulting company

Golf School

Learn how to show different data to different users using filters.

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