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on top of Google Sheets
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Mobile first

Each dashboard can be installed on your phone and will look & feel like a native app

Synced with private sheets

Own your data. Even if you decide to leave you will keep all your data in your Google Sheet

User access per dashboard

Manage user permissions separately for each board. Share them with clients & team mates

Truly customizable

Customize anything. Make Chartmat truly yours by matching your brand colors

Custom calculations

Calculate automatically averages, growth rates, sums and more

Powerful filters

Filter specific points in time or a selected category

Ready to start?

With Chartmat you can truly build anything, these are just some examples to get you started

Time Tracker

Use this template to track your working hours, freelance projects or anything else

Expense Tracker

Use this template to track your expenses. Comparing different suppliers and vendors.

Working from home or office?

Use this template to track who in the company works from where. Ideal to avoid overcrowded spaces

PayPal Shop

Use this template to create a small shop using links. You can also switch to stripe links

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Start with one click. No credit card required.

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