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Forward-thinking businesses trust Chartmat for time-saving dashboards, charts, and forms that transform insight into action. Ready for a 10X faster Data visualization tool?

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Features that get you results
Build your next app like a pro with Chartmat. Create apps, dashboards and internal tools. Our slew of unique features lets you take your google sheets content to the next level — in just a few clicks.
Seamless Web

Embed specific data dashboards directly on your website, building trust with your audience while customizing the style and colors to align with your brand.

One Platform

As a data dashboard platform, Chartmat empowers you to create as many apps as you need without limitations. In turn, you can elevate your efficiency for every business vertical.

Automatic Updates,
All in Real-Time

Chartmat is a Google Sheet dashboard creator that carries any changes you make on the front end into your Google Sheet. No double entries. No data inconsistencies. No wasted time.

Copy your app from our
pre-built templates.

There’s no need to start from scratch with Chartmat. By using a pre-made template, you can quickly put your data into motion.

Why use Chartmat?

Mobile first

Each dashboard can be installed on your phone and will look and feel like a native app

Synced with private sheets

Own your data. Even if you decide to leave you will keep all your data in your Google Sheet


Manage user permissions separately for each workspace. Share them with clients and team mates

Truly customizable

Customize anything. Make Chartmat truly yours by matching your brand colors

Custom calculations

Calculate automatically averages, growth rates, sums and more

Powerful filters

Filter specific points in time or a selected category

Hear what teams around the world saying about Chartmat.
Tool to give superpowers to Google Sheet for your business
I started using Chartmat and was able to create a list of products and statistics in a couple of minutes. The platform works flawlessly. I found Chartmat to be more powerful than other alternatives in terms of features and use cases. I am looking forward to seeing what improvements can be made in the future because now the forms are and their templates are perfect.
Alexis CEO Marketing and advertising agency
New software for creating and visualizing data from spreadsheets
What I liked the most about this test that I have done is that you can insert the code in the web page and use the data from the forms that we have on our pages.
Julian Director General in Panama
Simply What I was looking for
Simply phenomenal, I have been with them since the beginning, when it even had a different name. Kind of at least. The improved design and workflow is very nice.
David Digital Brand Manager in Portugal
Powerful visual pages on top of google sheets
Create data visualizations, forms, and even custom portals/landing pages based on your data in google sheets. This has enormous potential to become very powerful similar to software like stacker and pory for Airtable. It gives you the flexibility of displaying your Google sheets remains private, and you can add teammates to edit the boards.
Zachary Small Business Owner
Chartmat is a great tool for Sharing and Visualizing Polls and Survey Results
I had been looking and trying out Apps looking fora system like Chartmat with a simple Graphic User Interface and learning curve that I could send and share online with my clients (which are not scientists) the final results of their research. Since most of my research are monthly tracking of variations with the same set of variables, Chartmat has allowed me to only update the worksheet and they can check directly their monthly results online.
Gilberto Research Scientist 
Chartmat a genuine no code tool to build awesome stuff!
Overall I’m very happy with Chartmat and would definitely recommend it for anyone looking to turn their google sheets into web apps and data visualization powerhouses!
Ziad Digital Marketer
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Password Protect Public Board
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Customize Forms
Insert Maps
GDPR Compliant
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