How digital services agency- Setup and sell saved time and efforts in creating clients apps.

Chartmat Case Study- Setup and Sell success

How Setup and Sell agency based out of Taiwan and Australia saves 20+ hours a month using chartmat?

Setup and Sell a digital services agency which switched to chartmat around 10 months ago and have been power users since then. Agency creates workplace and apps for its clients.
Yuting business strategist at Set up and Sell says “At Setup and Sell, we created a dashboard for our retail shop client.The dashboard helped our client decrease 80% of inquiry phone calls from customers.Even better, the shop manager used to spend 60 minutes each day updating the inventory status on their website using WordPress.Now he can do it in 3 minutes using Chartmat! It is total 20 hours saved over month!
Chartmat has enabled Set up and Sell to create more cost affective and time savings apps for their clients. This is Win -Win situation for both sides.
Yuting and her team recently created a template using latest Chartmat iframe embed feature and shared in our chartmat facebook group.
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She recently wrote a blog on how you can create this template, so you can refer to it here.

Example of the client application for mobile


Example of client application on Desktop

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