Supercharge Google Sheets with Templates for Marketing, Sales, Support and Productivity

Learn how to use google sheets templates to supercharge your marketing, sales, support and productivity goals.

Supercharge Google Sheets with Templates for Marketing, Sales, Support and Productivity
Google Sheets is a great collaborative tool that lets you and your team access, edit and makes changes to spreadsheets from anywhere. As a result, teams can collaborate on the same document simultaneously and make edits in real time.
This article looks at some of the best Google sheet templates for marketing, sales, support and product management – all important areas of your business. Each one is designed to help you get more organized, save time and increase efficiency.  Keep reading to discover how you can use these templates to streamline your workflow and create an amazing user experience for your customers…

How to find Google Sheet Templates?

Before you learn more about the different types of Google Sheet Templates, here’s how you can find the templates or create templates for yourself.
  1. Go to the Google Sheets website and log in to your Gsuite account or go to the Google Sheets app from your Gsuite account.
  1. On the top corner, you will see a ‘Template Gallery’ button that will show you all templates publicly available to help users to create their own Google Sheets from the template.
notion image
notion image
Apart from this, you can find numerous Google Sheet templates on the web, import templates from Excel, and Google Marketplace or check out templates published by third-party apps, experts, developers and companies.
I went ahead and found some of the interesting ones for you to start exploring. You can do it too. Go to ‘Google Marketplace’ and click on the ‘Works with Sheets’ tab from the left panel. Template Gallery for Sheets is one such add-on from Google Marketplace.
Templates from third-party publishers:
  • Smartsheet offers a wide range of Google Sheets and Excel templates
  • Chartmat offers a wide range of Google Sheets Templates for productivity, company operations, personal tasks and business meetings

How to use Google Sheet Template?

Google Sheet templates are easy to use irrespective of where you pick from a template, add on in the marketplace, third-party app, or create one for yourself.
  • Click on any Google Sheet template of your choice and open it with Google Sheets
  • Click on the ‘File’ option and select ‘Make a copy’ to use this template as your own sheet

How to create a google sheet template by yourself?

Have you ever wondered that if you’re creating a similar type of spreadsheet time and again, you might as well turn it into a template? This way, you don’t have to build your spreadsheet from scratch every time.
  • Go to the Google Sheets website
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  • Click on ‘Submit Template’
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  • Click Select a document and choose the template file you created.
After you prepare the template, you can select it and open a new google sheet with that.
Tada! 🎊You’ve now published your own Google Sheet Template.

Best Google Sheet Templates

While Google Sheets can be used by anyone wanting to store data, and organize their data or thoughts, in this blog post, we’ll walk through the business-oriented Google Sheet Templates for users.
Typically, the various functions that might use Google Sheets in a company are marketing, sales, support and individuals for high productivity. Let’s take a look at each of these functions and go through the templates necessary for them to make their work easy.

Google Sheets for Marketing Tasks and Events

One of the most common ways businesses use spreadsheets is for project management and task tracking. The Google Sheets templates for marketing can help you keep track of the various marketing campaigns and projects you have running.

Using Google Sheets for product launches

For example, if you have a new product launch, you can use a template to keep track of all the tasks that need to be completed and by whom. You can also use the template to track your budget and forecast how much the marketing campaign will cost. These templates can be helpful if you work with a team and want to stay organized. Each member of the team can access the spreadsheet, add their tasks and track the progress.
Here’s a product launch template by HubSpot that you can access immediately.
You can also use these templates to jot down ideas, keep track of your team's tasks and organize your monthly calendar.
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Google Sheet Templates for SEO & Content Marketers

SEO and content marketers need help in keyword research, content calendar, link building and many more templates. Sheets for Marketers and Chartmat has a wide range of templates for marketers.
This SEO Metadata template by Chartmat helps you monitor how your website looks on search engines. It automatically fetches new pages and shows relevant errors.

Google Sheets for Sales and Lead Tracking

One of the most important aspects of running a successful business is knowing who your customers are. This includes everything from what they like, what they don’t like and how they purchase your product or service.
One way to stay organized and keep track of this information is by using the Google Sheets templates for sales and lead tracking. Once you start using these templates, you’ll quickly become more organized, efficient and effective.
This is because they help you track and manage your leads and sales. As the name suggests, a sales funnel is a way to visualize your sales process. It lets you track how many leads you get, how many customers you turn them into and how much revenue you make from these customers.
A lead tracking template can help you keep track of who your leads are, what their interests are and where they’re located. It can also help you pinpoint what your prospects are interested in and when they’re most likely to buy. These templates are also great if you work with a team and want to stay on top of sales and lead information. In addition to helping you stay more organized, they also allow you to collaborate with your team members. This means team members can add information, edit the spreadsheet and stay up-to-date with what’s happening.
HubSpot released a Sales Dashboard template to help teams manage sales, team and revenue all in one place.

Google Sheets for Support Tasks

Managing support is challenging and overwhelming for businesses. Google Sheets templates for support tasks can help you and your team stay organized and keep track of what needs to be done. You can use these templates to create checklists that help you and your team stay on top of customer service issues.
They can also help you stay organized and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. A customer support spreadsheet can include a wide range of tasks. It can include everything from what needs to be fixed to what team members are responsible for. In addition to helping you stay organized and prioritise your tasks, the templates can also help you track your progress. They can let you know how many tasks have been completed and how many are still outstanding.
Here’s a generic task manager template by Chartmat to get started.

Google Sheets for People Operations Team

With Google Sheets, people operations teams can store employee data, create reports, and automate tasks like onboarding and offboarding. Here are some ways that Google Sheets can help you achieve these goals:
  • Data Management: Google Sheets can be used to store and organize employee data. You can use it to track all sorts of information, such as job titles, work locations, and benefits information. You can also use it to store employee contact information. If your company uses a program like G Suite for Work, you can easily sync Google Sheets with other tools, allowing you to easily pull data from other sources and transfer it to Sheets. The people operations team can collate all employee feedback surveys on a Google Sheet. Here’s the template by Chartmat for employee feedback.
  • Reports: Google Sheets’ powerful reporting function allows you to create a variety of reports. You can create reports that include charts and graphs, including basic bar and line graphs, area charts, pie charts, and scatter charts. You can also create custom formulas and tables.
  • Automation: You can use Google Sheets’ automation feature to schedule recurring tasks, such as updating employee contact information or creating new reports. You can create workflows that automatically send notifications to employees as well.

Google Sheet Templates to boost productivity

Google Sheets templates can boost your productivity in many different ways. They can help you stay organized by keeping track of important tasks, events and data. They can help you collaborate with team members and organize your sales and support data. And they can help you become more effective by visualizing important data. They can also boost your productivity by helping you automate some of your daily tasks.
For example, you can create a Google Sheets template to help you create a calendar. You can then set the calendar to update itself when events are added, moved or completed. Another way these templates can boost your productivity is by helping you save time. Many of these templates are pre-built and designed to optimize your workflow. They can help you automate repetitive tasks and make your daily tasks easier.
You can as well build a workflow using Zapier to automate your tasks on Google Sheets from various other sources (Asana, ClickUp, Trello, Notion, etc.)

Closing thoughts

Using templates for Google Sheets is like Google Sheets on steroids. Make the most out of Google Sheets powering them with add-ons like templates for various company functions like marketing, sales, people operations, support and productivity.
Looking to explore templates on Google Sheets? Check out Chartmat - a powerful platform to build apps and templates on top of Google Sheets.