Hey Hacker News!

I'm building a no-code tool which helps you build almost any type of app on top of Google Sheets.
Google Sheets is an amazing backend and "programming language", I'm building a frontend for it.
These are some examples of "apps" built with Chartmat.

How can you help?

Since the app is fully bootstrapped so far I'm trying to get the first 100 paying users so that I can work on this full-time.
I'm currently giving access to all our current and future features completely unrestricted (domains, users, boards, etc) for $ 29.
You can purchase is directly here: https://buy.stripe.com/cN27ve9Ya9VC4E0dQR
Your purchase will allow me to keep working on this and build the best tool out there.

What will you get?

Switching to a no-code setup can drastically increase the speed to build new tools and reduce costs by 10X.
On top of that you would be surprised how much can be built on top of a spreadsheet and anyone in the team can collaborate, not only developers.
Give it a try and get a refund if you don't like it