The Best AppSheet Alternative No code required

Forget AppSheet.
Build an app with Chartmat in a matter of minutes.

Mobile first

Each dashboard can be installed on your phone and will look and feel like a native app

Synced with private sheets

Own your data. Even if you decide to leave you will keep all your data in your Google Sheet


Manage user permissions separately for each workspace. Share them with clients and team mates

Truly customizable

Customize anything. Make Chartmat truly yours by matching your brand colors

Custom calculations

Calculate automatically averages, growth rates, sums and more

Powerful filters

Filter specific points in time or a selected category

Build anything you want in minutes

Combine our blocks and build something which fits you perfectly



Use forms to easily add data to your spreadsheet



Use charts to display and visualize data



Use tables to display only specific data



Use grids to display images, text and buttons

Feeling lazy?

Clone any of our professional templates with a single click

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a 14 days free trial!

Do you need access to my Google Drive

No, we take security very seriously (we don't even use passwords). We don't require access to all your spreadsheets. You will be able to select one by one the spreadsheets that you want to integrate into Chartmat.

Do you store or sell my data?

No, your data is streamed directly from Google. It never touches our database.

Can I share these apps and dashboards?

Of course! You can create separate workspaces and give access to different users depending on which workspace they are on. You can set each board to be either private or public

Can I connect multiple Google Accounts?

Yes, each workspace has its own Google account

Do you offer support?

Yes we offer email support and phone support if needed. Feel free to send us an email at and we can schedule a call

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